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Brain vs Heart

brain vs heart

My son was watching Salman khan in sultan where he sweats it out in the gym to make a great body. My little one is very very fascinated by this and asks me mumma which is the strongest part of the human body . I also want a strong body like Salman khan. He is the strongest. Anyone whose seen my son knows the lanky guy he is.

Strongest part of the human body. I began thinking. Is it the physical appearance. Is it the muscles that we make in gyms. Is it the abs that innumerable crunches achieve. Is that the strongest part?

I think the human brain is the strongest part. Or then again is it the human heart?

In a war between the heart and the brain who do you really side with. Who do you wish be the winner. The emotional heart which is unable to rationalise and take strong decisions as per the need of the hour and just meekly gives into sentiments or is it the human brain which processes analyses and then responds in taking a judgement call necessary at that given instance. It does not value the emotional factors but surely goes to Judge and weigh the practical points.

The 80 year old man use to bring his cancer struck wife very frequently. She was in a frail condition and I did not expect too long a life . He was one of the most calm men I had seen. They told me their story of how they met 60 years ago and fell in love and have been together ever since through thick and thin. I could see the emotions well up in his eyes as he spoke from his heart yet upon seeing his wife cry he switched to brain mode and became calm composed and consoled her taking charge of the situation. He placed a hand on her shoulder and said “don’t worry we will make it through this as we always have in life.”

The brain and heart both knew what’s going to be the outcome yet the brain realised the need to be in charge. The heart was too overwhelmed to be able to do anything.

So I told my son. The human brain is the strongest part of your body but without a strong heart it just makes you a mechanical device or a robot. The world may see emotional people as fools but if it isn’t for these fools the world will cease to exist . For its without love that life actually is meaningless. For if you lack compassion you lack emotion you lack empathy you are not human

Do not let your brain alone rule your life. Involve your heart listen to it too. Because a person without emotions is as good as – machine. A strong practical brain may take you places but a strong compassionate heart along with it helps you reach heights only one can imagine to ever scale. So do not always solely go with what your mind tells you to do. Some days follow your heart and live and love and laugh and be happy and forget the practicality of life and enjoy the emotionalism.

About author of the blog – Dr Riccha Sarin is a doctor working in the government sector. She writes on motivational blog and stories revolving around her every day interactions, patients and experiences, connecting their implications on life.

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