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April 18, 2018
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June 2, 2018
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How the Mighty Falleth !!

A patient of mine used to behave in the most polite way possible, he would give several people chance to enter before him, he would wait patiently and never complain. He would usually be quiet, I asked him why he would not enter my room on his turn and kept on letting others bypass him. He told me his story and it was heart wrenching. He says once upon a time I was a very proud man. My son was a topper in school. He won almost every Olympiad, every debate every quiz, excellent in sports. One day the entire family of husband wife and 3 children were returning home from a spelling competition at national level where his son had won the god medal. They were elated. This patient was driving at a high speed because of all the adrenaline rush from the win of his son. A truck carrying construction material hit them and a long metal rod passed through and through his son’s head. His life was saved but he was a vegetable there on and still is. The golden boy, his pride, his ego, his everything had become nothing. I wept at his story and so did my patient.

I hear several stories of riches to rags , of how kings turn paupers, and I am thinking The feeling of power is ultimate. The feeling of being in a superior position gives a high no drug can match. People crave nothing more than being at the top. And only someone who has experienced the exhilaration of being on the pinnacle knows what I am writing about. The sense of domination and control over everyone everything around you. Being the boss, being the one who has most authority, being the one who is looked upto by many, whose respected by many whose admired by several. That’s what is ultimate. It makes you feel invincible, undefeated, unconquerable, almost equivalent to god.

How do the mighty fall? In fact why do the mighty fall? What is the only lesson life teaches you as you fall? When you hit ground zero, when you wish to get up but can’t gather the might to do so. When you feel your back is broken beyond repair, when you get surrounded by doom and the feeling of being master gets reduced to the feeling of helplessness despair and anguish, when you are unable to control almost anything at all. From the top you hit bottom straight. And you get hit where it hurts most. You get punched where you can’t bear. Only to teach one lesson.

The lesson of humility.

Of realisation that there is only one mighty and it’s the almighty, In front of whom we are nothing, merely puppets in this huge stage of life, finally you are but just one small creature in this huge creation of the world. You matter only as long as you know that he who has made you this powerful can snatch it at any point. He your creator can be your destroyer when he desires.Do not be proud and arrogant because that’s what causes the mighty to fall. Do not let the power of a position, power of money, power of material get to your head. Do not rise so much that you loose contact with the earth below, that’s when you will loose balance and fall. No one is invincible no amount of power or money or anything can make you immortal.

Always remember you are merely mortal so keep your head bowed and your feet grounded and enjoy your life with utmost humility because even the mighty falleth.

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About author of the blog – Dr Riccha Sarin is a doctor working in the government sector. She writes on motivational blog and stories revolving around her every day interactions, patients and experiences, connecting their implications on life.