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September 7, 2017
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Learning Goes On

continuity in learning

Did you know that information/data storage capability of human mind is 2.5 petabytes, which is about knowledge of 4.7 billion books? On the flip side, research states that if the information that we learn is neither repeated nor applied then, within an hour that information is lost. Failing to retain the information or learning after 24 hours can lead to 50% information loss; 70% loss after 24 hours and 90% loss after a week.

Based on the above calculation, how many of us observe continuous learning as a substantial aspect of our life? We cannot deny that whether in minor or major format, learning is an irreplaceable part of our life. It is not a onetime event or activity but more of an ongoing process which should keep going. The phases that we grow through post birth period, ascertain this fact that we must keep learning in order to grow, meet challenges and create an individual identity of our own. The necessities of living in a human world demands us to learn various skills and attain multiple capabilities. Neither the learning nor its implications have any full stop, they are meant to be pursued till we live. According to a famous French proverb learning has been described as “the eyes of the mind”, without which our brain becomes inactive and closed. Therefore, keeping muscles of the brain active and pumping will provide us with a healthy functioning brain.

Pursuing continuity of learning

As we grow and mature with age, the environment around us is constantly evolving. We are required to learn new skills to deal with social, economic and physical situations. To cope with the surprises/shocks that life throws at us, we must change and upgrade our knowledge. Irrespective of the pace of our progress, if we make a concentrated goal for achieving success, then the sole enabler is learning. When we learn, we are preparing our minds to handle life’s toughest challenges and face roadblocks in a very radical manner. Learning doesn’t imply winning but it does help in strategically thinking and applying techniques, leading us on a winning trajectory. Learning is an exercise for the mind with which our brain is able to develop capabilities to work, clearly and concisely. A continuity of learning ensures a healthy functioning brain, much similar to the concept of having physical exercise regimen at place for achieving a healthy body.

Application of learning at workplace

Every work place demands an individual professional to perform under various types of pressures like deadlines, sales targets, limited resources and updated skills to handle myriad of projects. In such a scenario, if managers are promoted to higher levels without enabled with appropriate skills to execute tasks then it might cost the company in many ways. For instance, if an employee who is punctual and meets sales targets, would be considered an ideal candidate for promotion, but, whether he/she will be able to lead a team of new executives, will go unnoticed by his reporting manager. On the other hand, if the organisation provides resources like training support to professionals who are capable of making it to managerial positions will become a boon for the company in future. Learning at workplace offers wide range of benefits for employees and as well as for the employer.

  1. When employees are given an opportunity to learn they are exposed to new techniques, skills and patterns. Eventually, their capabilities enhance and performance increases manifold.
  2.  A culture of learning promotes internal and external growth pace within an organization. If new technologies, methodologies are learned, adopted and put into practice then agility increases. This, in turn, gives any company a business edge over competitor following conventional routes.
  3. When an organisation is driven by knowledge sharing and is powered by learning better skills, then the workforce, automatically feels collectively inspired and dedicated for company’s growth.
  4. If company’s environment demands its workforce to update themselves at regular intervals then embracing new methods and applying updated technologies becomes an imperative throughout the organization.

End note: Learning is one of the core principles of growth, it promotes futuristic approach. Without knowledge, we will not be able to find ways and deal with difficulties. And continuous learning is that significant aspect which increases our flexibility, knowledge-gain for effective application.

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