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June 2, 2018
June 25, 2018
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The Guarantee Card!

I was cleaning the drawers and found several old guarantee cards lying, of old Ac, of the air fryer, of the oven. I was reading the dates and my son also was curious to understand what they are. “They are old and a waste now”, I told him. “They no longer guarantee anything”.

The patient of mine was one of the curious ones. He had innumerable questions He was around 22 years. He asked me what if I don’t smoke or drink or have any bad other such habits. He asked me what’s the guarantee of a cancer free life for him as he grew older? Well, the answer was actually that there is no such guarantee.

Life does not come with a guarantee card. Most of us think in our hearts that we are chosen to not face any sort of hardships because life can’t be cruel. We are the chosen ones we deserve the best and will not want to settle for anything less. It’s as if we are invincible. Non destructive. We will live a healthy life not face disease not face anything traumatic. We can’t be chosen for hardships. We have immunity. We more than often just want to believe this. We think we are born with a guarantee card. We are naive enough to not see that no one comes with this card. That’s it’s just a fictional thought we have. Which makes us feel good about our lives.

People often ask me questions over faith. They often mock and laugh and many of the atheists argue with me about the existence of god. They quote examples of unfortunate things that may happen in life and ask me why numerous temple visits could not prevent the occurrence of problems in the lives of the people who believe in God.

To have faith does not guarantee a problem or trouble free life. To visit temples does not make you bulletproof. To worship does not guarantee that you are untouched by sorrow or grief or trouble. Hope does not guarantee that what you hope for will happen right now. Believing in something does not guarantee that your beliefs will become a reality in a jiffy. Praying does not guarantee that you will have a perfect life. Going to the temple does not mean you are invincible.

Life is only a complex maze where you have to navigate through the imperfections and reach the end. It is not going to be easy and you were not born with a guarantee card. It’s only when you understand that hardships and problems are very much a part of the situation and have to be tackled bravely can you be at peace and go forward.

Do not worship or hope or pray expecting miracles or a chance to become invincible. And do not let dismay sway you from your faith. You may not be born with a guarantee card but you can still guarantee yourself to be happy if you desire.


About author of the blog – Dr Riccha Sarin is a doctor working in the government sector. She writes on motivational blog and stories revolving around her every day interactions, patients and experiences, connecting their implications on life.