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August 25, 2018
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November 28, 2018
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The Unbeatable Bush!!!

If u have grown up in Delhi most of you will be aware of the mulberry bush or the shahtoot tree as we locally call it. Several times you may have seen children as well as adults picking at these bushes for the sweet fruit. I and my son were walking towards the park in the evening when we encounter a group of such enthusiastic kids who were beating the fruit laden bush with a stick and the fruit was falling to the ground which they were fast collecting. Packing some in a packet while popping several others in their mouth. My son very curious asked me and I explained. As we walked on we came across another bush. My son said why is no one beating this tree.

I said it’s the unbeatable bush. It will yield nothing.

He is small to understand all this but it set me thinking that isn’t the cause of most of our problems the inability to differentiate between the beatable and the unbeatable bushes. Aren’t we humans and our situations exactly the same. Don’t we constantly keep on trying to beat bushes which will never bear fruit. Don’t we keep on trying to expect change in people around us as per our taste and liking without failing to see the futility of our venture. Don’t we just not keep on getting angry and bitter about why fellow people can’t see our perspectives of life or behave to our liking. Don’t we keep on being hopelessly hopeful of bringing about change in our surroundings , in people of kin , in our colleagues , in our spouses , in our in laws , in our children , in our siblings, in our families our friends etc etc. Shouldn’t one at a certain point realize that most human beings are unbeatable bushes. Most situations will be what they are. We can’t make the world see our perspective. Because from their eyes it might not even be right. From their interpretation we might totally be wrong. So rather than beating other’s bushes in order to expect some fruit to be yielded. Let’s focus on how we can shake the trees our own souls and find calm for ourselves. How we can be able to yield sweet fruit from within ourselves rather than constantly searching it in others. How we can change our own attitude towards life towards those Around us towards situations and understand the realism of life. Of how everything always will not go as per our plan . Of how we our merely pawns in gods plan.

Keep calm because that’s the best choice you can make. Stop trying to calm the storms. Calm yourself the storm shall pass in its own time.

About author of the blog – Dr Riccha Sarin is a doctor working in the government sector. She writes on motivational blog and stories revolving around her every day interactions, patients and experiences, connecting their implications on life