Understanding Soft and Behavioural Skills

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September 4, 2017
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Understanding Soft and Behavioural Skills

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When we are growing up, from a kid to a teenager and eventually to an adult, our environment pushes a number of circumstances on us to understand and deal with. The social structure demands us to grow in a customary manner and within some defined lines. Similarly, the basic education model that we receive, is also increasingly based upon set of pre-defined fundamental principles. These principles require us to be proficient in hard skills – reading, writing, calculating, problem solving, communicating. The perspective to attain emotional intelligence is clearl missing and not present, yet.

The outer world is focused entirely on sharpening the hard skills. Every individual must gain knowledge through reading, writing, handling tasks, communicating and being social. Whereas, the requirement to polish soft or either the behavioural skills remains ignored. Soft skills are those traits which are driven by human instincts and are imbibed in us since the time of our birth. These skills come to the fore when we act, react or express during a situation. What we speak, our tone, actions and body language, combine into one and provides us with a unique identity. Our soft and behavioural skills shape our personas and what we put forward in front of the outer world. The interpersonal instincts consisting of the habits, etiquette, responses and abilities enable us to thrive in our respective social environments. In simple words, soft skills & behavioral skills, depict our EQ or emotional quotient.

Why to seek soft and behavioural skills

Though, while operating through different circumstances during individual phases of one’s life, we need to master both the hard skills and soft plus behavioural skills. In modern work spaces, organisations are preferring candidates with higher  EQ (emotional quotient), with a good IQ (intelligent quotient) score. The role of hard skills remains irreplaceable, as performing with results, a problem solving approach and coming up with innovative ideas, facilitate financial success for every business. On the other, in the application of hard skills, a helping hand of the soft skills is required in order provide a stable base. Giving a tangible shape to a business idea for sales growth, needs credible amount of team work, communication skills, patience, and coordination at every step of execution. And therefore, both the skill types remain largely, inter-connected. For instance, management skills are required for successful delivery of a project within a timeline, but without soft skills like patience, coordination, persistence, execution of the project related processes will become a tough battle for senior level managers.

In breaking down the knowledge further, soft skills form the basis of our day to day life too, whereas behavioural skills are required to be developed in order to step up, grow and meet varied challenges. Behavioural skills such as strategic communication, commitment, creative thinking, planning, and inquisitiveness can be developed over time with proper training and techniques. Repetition of innovative methods and planned tactics can help us gain behavioural skills, which we need to excel in almost, all walks of life. In any given situation, having good hold of soft plus behavioural skills can save us from making fatal mistakes. We can swiftly come out of a brawl using our soft and behavioural skills, tactfully. Mastering both skills ensures greater capabilities to handle planned or even unexpected challenges.

End Note: Besides hard skills, to swiftly navigate through an organization or public space, one cannot overlook the role played by our soft & behavioural skills. Training firms like Kaizen Training Solutions who are relentlessly working with a focus on this concept and adding value in the lives of many working professionals through their innovative programs – Sales Training, Corporate Training, Soft Skill Training, Soft Skill Training in Delhi NCR and North India.