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September 5, 2018
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Who will save us?

He came in with his wife she seemed very jovial and he sad. He was sick and looked much older than her. He told me his troubles, I gave him medication but yet his face looked very depressed, I asked him what’s wrong you are not that sick why do you look so hassled ? Cheer up I said to him your symptoms will get much better with just one dose of medicine. He still looked sad, I asked the wife to step out and asked him his problem. He said “I have no life of my own other than my spouse and children and with passage of time I feel they are all becoming self absorbed, no one pays attention to me. I fear who will help me ,save me ,see me through my life , it worries me, I don’t think I want to Live such a life. I asked him plainly is this your own life that you are living or you live for others ? If you continue to wait for people to make your live worth living or give them the power to control you and your happiness you might as well die. No one can save you I told him. Be your own strength I told him. you will continue to suffer if you put your life in others hands.He went encouraged.
As we embark on our foodie trip to Kolkata to taste its various cuisines I and my son are carefully listening to the air hostess giving the flight safety instructions. She says put your own oxygen mask before helping others. My son asks me “why is she teaching us to be selfish?” Who will save the others he asks. You always tell me to help others. I smile at him and hug him. Yes my son I hope you imbibe goodness. That’s what will save us all one day. The goodness the world needs has to comes from each of us.
I explain to him, helping yourself or saving yourself is not an act of selfishness but in fact it’s absolutely necessary. Your children your spouse your parents your siblings your colleague your friends are all very important. But It’s only oneself who can save themselves and no one else. Do not give the remote control of your life in anyone’s hand.We often as humans have a tendency to lean on someone’s shoulder for support all the time, to seek someone’s help, to navigate through the stormy weather, to push us forward, to make the tough decisions for us, to look after us to motivate us. The first step begins with self. . We often constantly here about people cribbing about the problems they face each day, the key to most of these problems lies within the individual and yet we constantly seek and wander and wait for an external person to bring those changes in our life or just push us through hard times. You have to steer your own boat, if you do not give yourself that power your life’s ship will not move beyond the harbour.
There are several times when we feel powerless worthless inefficient to do what it takes to make our life better, the Mantra we have to chant is i Have the power to improve my life, I am that person who can save myself, I have the power to help others, I will generate even more power and go forward in life with a zeal and a spark no one can suppress
So get up today charge yourself and become the change you want to be, Become the happiest person,empowering yourself to make a better life is the best gift you can give yourself. Do not be scared, do not lean on others for support, you have in you what is required, you only have to believe in it and see it. One who has saved themselves can save many more but start with yourself today. Do not let negativity negative people, situations or anything bring you down, fight hard for yourself and win. This is your life and your journey no one’s actually ever going to live it or understand it Make it large make it rocking .

About author of the blog – Dr Riccha Sarin is a doctor working in the government sector. She writes on motivational blog and stories revolving around her every day interactions, patients and experiences, connecting their implications on life